Europe 2019 - Abgesagt!

Di, 15.10.2019 Einlass: 19:00 ‐ Beginn: 20:00 Kleiner Klub
Die Show mit THE OBSESSED muss leider abgesagt werden. Tickets können bei den Vorverkaufsstellen, bei denen sie gekauft wurden zurückgegeben werden.
Hier das Statement der Band:
Hello to all our fans and friends . 
We are saddened to say that all European Obsessed shows in fall have been cancelled .
The facts are: After an arrest in Norway I was banned from Norway and all the Schengen countries for five years. Its been five years . Recently we found out, only by chance, that the norwegian govt was not only deceptive about the ability to enter other countries by visa but also intentionaly delayed filing my appeal that I filed in a timely manner in accordance with Norwegian law. This added an extra year to the ban consequently keeping THE OBSESSED from being able to play in Europe (UK is not included in the ban). I feel I have been wronged by these events. I have accepted responsibility for my actions initially but now our hands are tied. Knowledge of these actions by the Norwegian govt only came to light when i arrived in Berlin to play acoustic set at Desertfest earlier this year. After being detained 10 hours i was luckily granted a temporary three day visa, but advised by the 
German border police of the extended ban etc. We are seeking legal recourse now and will be over to play as soon as we can. Our most sincere apologies . 
Thanks to all who believe. 

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